Wholesale purchase and delivery of fresh cut flowers, potted plants and bulbs from Holland

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Home Delivery service

Delivery service

Transport division of Export Unie Flora Company provides fast and reliable transportation of floral products in a convenient package for our customers around the world. Each order is custom packed for you. We ship all orders from our own facility in The Netherlands to ensure you receive the quality we promise.

Delivery service E.U.F.


Door-to-door — most convenient shipping method for the customer. In this case, the customer avoids many troubles associated with the organization and search of transport services.

The E.U.F. Company is fully liable for the safety and security of cargo, handles all customs and insurance formalities, delivering the goods directly to the customer warehouse.

The delivery by «door-to-door» system is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Baltic States and Republic of Belarus.

Warehouse in Moscow

Warehouse in Moscow

Long-term relations with the transportation companies can help you to establish a logistics process in any place of Europe and Russian regions. Russian customers, who prefer taking their own transport, will appreciate the convenient location of central Export Unie Flora B.V. Moscow warehouse.

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