Wholesale purchase and delivery of fresh cut flowers, potted plants and bulbs from Holland

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In order to provide our customers with maximum cooperation comfort and success in the business, the Export Unie Flora Company provides a wide range of services :

For the customers who work directly with us, the Export Unie Flora Company represents both buyer and supplier, which effects naturally the ultimate order cost. You can pay the goods during their delivery in Moscow, upon receipt of order. A convenient system of online ordering allows you to save money and time.

Large-scale cooperation

Large-scale cooperation

In addition, an important advantage of cooperation with E.U.F. is a large-scale diversity of cooperation. We do not know the concept of „minimum amount of delivery”, you can order a truck of products or few boxes - all terms are discussed individually.

Catalog of flowers Catalog of flowers and plants - a huge range for every preference
Online order of flowers Online order of flowers The users of the program are able to buy products and monitor the procurement prices.