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Flora Holland Bloemenveiling Naaldwijk auction — EUF partner

Flora Flora Holland Bloemenveiling Naaldwijk (www.floraholland.com) —- the largest flower auction in the world, whose representatives are located in six flower regions of Netherlands, in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde.

In fact, Flora Holland serves as a center for cooperation of manufacturers of flowers and buyers, representing a unique complex network of florists, sales experts and export companies. Currently, Flora Holland Bloemenveiling Naaldwijk includes 5.200 members, among them the Export Unie Flora BV Company.

Every day, at Flora Holland auctions tens of thousands of flowers from more than 9000 suppliers from the Netherlands, Kenya, Israel, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Germany are being sold. Every day, at only one auction in Naaldwijk about 20 million flowers are being sold. FloraHolland customers are companies from 58 countries of the world.

Since 1997, the company’s customers have been given the opportunity to purchase flowers via Internet, which enabled making orders within an hour after the flowers arrived at the warehouse. Convenience and efficiency of the new format of business led to the fact that 45% of all flowers coming on the largest FloraHolland auctions, are being purchased namely via internet.

Offering select products and modern business methods, Flora Holland Bloemenveiling Naaldwijk holds securely the leading position in the world flower industry. As a result, the cooperation with such a giant provides Export Unie Flora B.V. Company with qualitative flowers, optimal delivery time, and as a consequence - the constancy of demand and customers’ confidence.

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